We are mobile and web experts with a 10 year track record of building online platforms for successful businesses.

We create robust products and truly immersive user experiences across platforms

Together with our clients, we turn unique ideas into real opportunities.

We know that game-changing businesses require robust products and unparalleled user experiences. Backed by our keen sense of project requirements and needs, our collective expertise and experience makes us especially capable of conceptualizing and building superior products that combine both elements.

Regardless of project phase, our team offers a comprehensive range of IT services. Our clients can request one or more of these services, which may even be combined in a hybrid model to satisfy client needs and reach target goals.

Our services include:

  • Mobile Development (iOS & Android)
  • Full-Stack Web Development
  • Design
  • Build & Deployment
  • Quality Assurance Engineering/Testing

Our Track Record

Our team takes pride in its rich experience working on successful products &
projects in a wide range of markets. Here's some of our past and present work.

The biggest online fashion e-commerce platform in Central & Eastern Europe, with more than 10 million customers and 1 million products.

The world's first company to provide personalized nutrients by pioneering a data-driven approach based on recurring, pain-free blood sampling at home.

The world's largest hot yoga studio network. More than 30 sister studios and growing at an exponential rate.


The IT professionals at Canopei Labs have more than 10 years of experience working together on various products and projects.

They're extremely passionate about what they do and love being part of a strongly collaborative team. By now, they're really one big family.

Our experts take a product in any developmental stage and turn it into a robust, secure, and immersive product across platforms.

Plus, flexibility is key to what they do. They work according to the specific needs and desires of each client. From developing & designing web or mobile applications, to quality assurance testing, our experts take on different shapes and forms depending on project requirements.

They do what they can to get the job done.

Why Canopei Labs?

Our IT professionals have the collective skill-set required to build robust and truly immersive products.

Our specialists take pride in their extensive experience and track record as a team.

Working with us is affordable. You'll definitely get more bang for your buck.

Clients satisfy their specific needs by choosing the right kind of cooperation needed for their project.

Whether web & app development or QA testing, clients get exactly what they need for success.